There’s A Lake Where You Can Swim With Jellyfish That Won’t Sting You


Visit Jellyfish lake in Palau for a truly unforgettable experience. Jellyfish lake offers everything that you could ever ask for, including clear, calm water and a close encounter with an exciting marine animal that you will not be able to find anywhere else.



Jellyfish Lake is just one of many isolated saltwater lakes that are located in the South Pacific. These lakes used to be connected to the ocean but, over the years, they were cut off from the ocean, making them unique habitats for the wildlife that continued to reside within and around them.

Today, Jellyfish Lake is one of the top destinations for, snorkelers from around the world. But keep in mind that scuba diving is prohibited in the lake, as it has been found that the activity might disturb the delicate ecosystem within the lake.

Nevertheless, swimming and snorkeling through the water is exhilarating and safe enough to enjoy, as long as you keep a safe distance from the hydrogen sulfide layer within the lake at roughly 15 to 20 meters deep.



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